I always wished that I could have been a virtuoso at something. I could always think of a good scenario that would be sure to make the evening news.
When I was young, all I wanted to do was to play the piano. I would listen and listen to Chopin and just dream. But I didn't have a piano. So I took a new black crayon and drew a complete keyboard on the kitchen table, under the ratty old table cloth. And every day after school, in those lonely hours before my mother came home, I would carefully roll back the table cloth and I would play that table. Only instead of the dull thumping of my fingers, I somehow heard Nocturne Op. 48 No. 2 in F sharp minor. And that's how I learned to play the piano; the embryo of the greatness that you see before you.
I almost felt like if I came up with a good enough story, it would just be true. The story would be enough. Like a retouched image, so beautiful that reality becomes irrelevant.
My first photograph was of Chilly Willy at Universal Studios.